Vaccines Dissected: Part 2

As a sequel to last week’s blog regarding the non-impact of vaccine additives, let’s explore the grand impact of the vaccine itself on the immune system… One of the questions I address most often with my patients’ parents is “Do you think an infant can handle so many shots at once?” The desire to space out vaccines is a strong one for many families – 3 shots just seems like too many for a 2-month-old – especially because combination vaccines are given at this time and the child may be receiving 8 vaccines at a single visit.

So, are there greater side effects associated with getting 8 vaccines versus 1 vaccine at once?

The simple answer is no… but let’s understand why. Each vaccine presents the developing, but not totally naïve, immune system with a certain number of antigens. As discussed last week, the Hepatitis B vaccine in particular, deploys 1 antigen per injection to stimulate the development of antibodies agai…

Vaccines Dissected: Part 1

I want to spend the next few weeks really delving into the dynamics of the argument against vaccines. A Facebook friend shared an article about the hazards of vaccines, under the premise of copious toxins within vaccines that will surely sicken your child or change his or her baseline constitution. It is an easy claim, and when you read the information sheets provided with vaccines the ingredient list can be overwhelming. However, without thorough research regarding vaccine ingredients and their innocuous presence in our general environment, the argument carries little weight.

I believe there is some truth to old wives tales – kind of like when someone tells you they are joking but you know the joke carries some honest thought. Do you know the old wives tale about eating a pound of dirt before you die? What tinge of truth does this tale parlay? Well, let me tell you how I see it apply to health today. The immune system, as complex and intelligen…

House Rules

I was busy seeing patients in the office last Monday when Sonia Azad from channel 8 news called my office to see if Dr Hubbard, a regular contributor to WFAA, could offer some advice regarding how her own children are preparing for the upcoming school year-what sports will they play? How will she help them balance rigorous academic demands with those of competitive team sports? Even though I’m sure Dr Hubbard has wisdom to share on the matter, she thought the issue would be best addssed by a pediatrician’ mom with kids at home! So this is how I ended up on channel 8 news last week. I answered Sonia’s questions in real time – no chance to prep prior to our discussion, but since we met and spoke on the matter I’ve had some more time to think on the conversation. I struggle with work-life balance daily, and so do our kids – more now than ever.

What can help our kids manage this quandary – how do they excel, or even survive, multiple stre…